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It is our pleasure to welcome you to Mendes Martial Arts and Kids Karate. Our facility offers the finest martial arts instruction available anywhere. Our professional and comfortable setting is specifically designed to help encourage fast and streamlined learning, a fun class environment, and an all around rewarding experience. We are a family martial arts school that has been teaching Life Skills, self defense and self development for over 22 years. Our staff and facility are the best that New England has to offer. Our programs for children and adults focus on the development of character and life skills that promote a healthy, happy and successful life style. In our family friendly environment you and /or your child will strengthen the priceless qualities of discipline, focus, integrity and respect. While forging a true spirit of discipline you will also gain real life and practical self defense skills. Spending most of my life in policing, Full Contact Cage Fighting, Corporate loss prevention and crowd control, I pass that knowledge and experience onto my students.