Business Hours


It was 2006, in the basement of his in-laws house, owner Matt Slobogan was putting the pieces together for, what is now, The Preservation Framer. Spending months working on a business plan with friend Erik Bristow, that ultimately would not be funded by a bank. With the help of his in-laws, equipment was purchased from a picture frame shop that, years prior, had gone out of business. His first order was a quantity job for renowned body paint artist Paul Roustan. From that point on money was saved and plans began to take shape. In early 2008 a major picture frame chain closed it’s doors and left talented framers out of a job but with the loss brought new opportunities. It was at this time that veteran picture framer Rob Dziubek joined with Matt to help launch The Preservation Framer. They were able to agree on a business strategy and optimistically open their doors in the depressed economy. The grand opening was held on November 8th 2008, only weeks after shaking hands. Late in 2013, over five years after helping form the business plan Erik Bristow became co-owner of The Preservation Framer as the business strategist.