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The Sage Difference

Our mission is to serve gifted children.  There are many definitions of giftedness, and we employ a flexible approach in identifying the students who will be most successful at Sage.  However, the following information may guide both admissions and parents in determining whether or not our school is an appropriate placement for a particular child.

What is the definition of giftedness at Sage?

Sage most closely follows the Renzulli concept of giftedness: “The interaction among three basic clusters of human traits—these clusters being above-average general abilities, high levels of task commitment, and high levels of creativity.  Gifted and talented children are those possessing or capable of developing this composite set of traits and applying them to any potentially valuable area of human performance” (Renzulli, Joseph S.  “What Makes Giftedness?  Reexamining a Definition.”  Phi Delta Kappan. 60 (November 1978): 180-184, 261. Reprint. Moravia, NY: Chronicle Guidance (1979) 1-6).  More specifically at Sage, we consider the interaction of the following factors: Academic potential as measured by standardized IQ testing, willingness to complete a broad variety of work and ability to commit to a particular task or endeavor, imaginative ability, and perhaps most importantly, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  Individual students vary in strength within these factors.